February 4, 2011

Beyonce Portrait Drawing!

I've been wanting to draw Beyonce for a while, along with countless other beautiful celebrities, but it's mostly a matter of finding the RIGHT photo of that person. The way she is posing, and the look in her eyes makes this drawing that much better in my opinion. So when someone requests for me to draw a specific celebrity, it is difficult to just find a picture right away. It has to be LARGE too, and have some good shadows. I could draw a small, crummy photo but it wont turn out as great.


  1. I was drawing it and i loved what I drew. I thought I could never draw it, but i tryed and it turned out great. That is a great portrait of Beyonce'. By the way I love beyonce'

  2. That picture was amazing, you are a proper artist could you do a demo of how to draw tobey maguire please? You'd be great at it and it would be awesome you are a true artist please could you?