March 30, 2011

Kanye West Portrait Drawing

I've gotten a few requests for Kanye West on my YouTube channel and he is one of my favorite musicians/singers/rapper so I drew him! I used Straedtler Mars graphite pencils in HB and 6B. This one took me quite a while, about 5 hours. I think it took so long because the glasses were just NOT easy! Getting his eyes behind the glasses was also difficult. And to top that off, the lighting was a bit complicated. But I had fun drawing it. Every new drawing I do is a challenge. If you have any questions or comments leave them for me below!




  1. This is amazing!! ur really talented..whats the difference between HB and B pencils??

  2. Thank you!! :] Well the difference between HB & 6B (the pencils I usually use) is that HB is just kind of like your regular pencil, medium toned, and 6B is VERY dark. I think it's softer too. HB is harder. But this is all just from observation I don't know if I'm right! :D