April 17, 2011

New Video: Nicki Minaj Portrait Drawing!

Hey every one! I just uploaded a new video... me drawing Nicki Minaj with her fabulous rainbow wig! =) I'm not gonna lie, this drawing was really difficult for me. I was getting frustrated with the texture the colored pencils were giving me. Any artists out there know of good colored pencils that will blend & erase? I need some! I want to try doing some painting videos. Perhaps with goache. I'm not sure yet. Not with oil, that would be a 129846 part video. Oil takes WAY too long to dry. But anyways, hope you all enjoy my video. More drawings coming!! OH and a giveaway, very very soon. I just need to buy the prizes.
Here is some info about the drawing:

Time spent: about 4 hours
What kind of pencils?Pentel Jolt 0.7 mechanical pencil, H, 2H, & Prang colored pencils
Other tools used? Blending stump, kneaded eraser, tissue paper.
What kind of paper? Bristol
How long have I been drawing portraits? 3 years
Have I taken lessons? Yes, but I'm mostly self taught.

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