April 28, 2011

Prince William & Princess Kate

Hey everyone! I finished this drawing of Prince William and Kate Middleton this morning. I thought it was appropriate for the wedding tomorrow :). I will be watching it!! Will you? At first I was like what is the big deal it's just a wedding but then I saw this special on TV all about it and now I'm one of those crazy obsessed people :) jk not quite haha. This drawing took be almost 7 hours. Well it's TWO faces, so that is why it took so much longer than usual. Had a hard time getting Prince William to look like Prince William but Kate was easy. Her hair was not easy though. I always have a hard time with hair. Anyways here are some photos and the video! Enjoy!

Order a portrait by me here! (All you need is a good photo)

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♡ Nicole


  1. your amazinggg at this! love ur videos..their so inspirational! :D

  2. Thank you so much!! :)