July 15, 2011

YouTuber Portrait: AndreasChoice!

Hey guys, sorry for the absence. I have been super busy with portraits people have been ordering from me so I haven't had time to draw my little celebrity type portraits! I hope I can upload more consistently for you guys from now on! If not... just know I'm not stopping making videos ANY TIME SOON. I love it. <3 The photo at the very top of the post is the photo I used at a reference for this portrait. As you can see, the top of her head is "chopped off" so I had to draw the top of her head from my imagination. At first I made her forehead too big but I fixed it at the end. This took about 4 hours, and I just used pencil and Bristol paper. Well, and a kneaded eraser, blending stump and tissue paper. If you have any questions feel free to ask away! Order a portrait from me here:

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