September 16, 2011

Colorful Marilyn Monroe Portrait Art!(+ video!)

Sorry I haven't been updating my blogs recently, things have been quite hectic with school and selling portraits and YouTube and LIFE. lol BUT! I plan on getting back on the blogger wagon. I actually really like blogging, AND looking at other peoples' blogs! Especially fashion blogs! What about you guys? What are your favorite types of blogs to follow? I definitely want to start adding fashion posts to my other blog!

ABOUT THIS ART: I was getting a little bored with black and white and decided to try something new. I've never done anything like this before, and I must say... I love it!! I had it hanging on my wall in my bedroom for a while, but I'm sort of redecorating at the moment so it doesn't go with my new color scheme. Oh well. I'm thinking of drawing or painting a BIG like 20 x 30 marilyn monroe piece for on an empty wall of mine. Maybe I should blog about decorating my room!? Well this is one of many posts coming today! Keep your eyes peeled!



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