April 3, 2011

Philip DeFranco aka "sxephil" Portrait Drawing

Hey guys! So today I drew Philip DeFranco. I have been wanting to draw somebody "famous" on YouTube and I was going to draw AndreasChoice but I couldn't find a large clear photo with good highlights and lowlights. Bummer. Then I thought about drawing KalelCullen but again I couldn't find a great photo to use. This drawing took me about 4 hours. I actually used a mechanical pencil the entire time. It is a Pentel Jolt and has 0.7 lead. It worked great for light shades and dark! I tried tweeting my video to @PhillyD but he either didn't see my tweets OR he just doesn't like it hahaha. Sad face. It would be so awesome if he RT'd my video and all his thousands of viewers could see my drawing! So anyways, hope you all enjoy my video and if you have any questions or comments, as always leave them below!



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