April 13, 2011

YouTube Nominated me For April On The Rise Partners!!!

Hey guys!!! It would mean SO much to me if you would vote for me! I've been nominated as YouTube's April On The Rise Partners!! If I win I will be featured on YouTube's Homepage! Incredible right!? I'm SO excited about this. Please visit YouTube's Blog Post and simply click Vote! For me- "PacificPastime"! You don't have to register or log in or anything like that! Please help me out! You guys are the best followers, subscribers, commenters, I know I can count on y'all to help me WIN THIS!




  1. Brilliant
    I saw you on youtube and suggested you to get a desk and light
    I came here to see the rest of your work

    And that last video; OMG you used a mechanical pencil , that's awesome !

  2. PS I shared your video with my friends :)

  3. Thank you SO much! haha Yep...I just figured out mechanical pencils are EVEN BETTER than wood ones lol. Thanks for all the support!


  4. Oh God! I love this!! *___*
    I want your talent T_T
    Do you sell your drawings?? I'd love to have one of this :)